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The information contained in or made available through our sites (including but not limited to information contained on videos, message boards, comments, on coaching calls, podcasts, in emails, in text files, or in chats) cannot replace or substitute for the services of trained professionals in any field, including, but not limited to, financial, medical, psychological, or legal matters. In particular, you should regularly consult a doctor in all matters relating to physical or mental health, particularly concerning any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. We and our partners or suppliers make no representations or warranties concerning any treatment, action, or application of medication or preparation by any person following the information offered or provided within or through the Sites. The client is aware that coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills and care of ensuring my client is coached to meet their life coaching goals, the client understands and acknowledges the coach will not be liable legally or otherwise, for the actions the client may or may not undertake as a result of the life coaching sessions. No assumption of responsibility is made, or given, and the client requesting such advice agrees not to hold Tracy McNeil (Provider), Peace Place, LLC, TRACYMAC Solutions For Life Institute & Coaching Services, TRACYMAC Publishing or Black Women’s World Podcast responsible or liable in any form or fashion, for such actions taken of their own accord.

The method and process by which this advice and direction are given in no manner whatsoever; written or verbal, constitutes an agreement or liability on the part of the provider and is acknowledged to be different in many ways than clinical and medical counseling. You (the client) agree that using any of these life educational/coaching services is entirely at your own discretion. Life coaching services are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information services, coaching, uninterrupted access, or products and services provided through or in connection with the service. This service is requested at the client's own choice and with inherent singular responsibility. Any actions or lack of actions, taken by the client of such advice is done so solely by choice and responsibility of the client and is neither the responsibility nor liability of Tracy McNeil (Provider) or Peace Place, LLC.


The client takes full responsibility in the decisions they make after being coached or providing coaching, as well as the consequences. The client enters into coaching or coach certification with full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. Periodically I, Tracy McNeil, may provide links to other web sites or written print material which may be of value, interest and convenience to you. This does not constitute endorsement of material at those sites or any associated organization product of service. It is the responsibility of the user to make their own informed decision about the accuracy of the information at those sites and print material including their privacy policies. In no event shall Tracy McNeil (Provider), Peace Place, LLC or TRACYMAC Coaching Services be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from use of the material.



The views and opinions expressed on Black Women’s World Podcast are those of the cohosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Peace Place, LLC - TracyMac Solutions for Life Institute. Any content provided are of the opinion of the hosts and guests and are not a replacement for professional mental or physical health care and are not intended to malign any religion, sexual orientation, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual or anyone for any reason.



The information provided is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Never disregard professional medical advice, or delay in seeking it, because of something you have read on this website, in our reading materials, at our workshops, trainings, classes, sessions or speeches.  Never rely on information on this website in place of seeking professional medical or nutritional advice.


Peace Place, LLC and any of it's divisions (TRACYMAC Coaching Services, TRACYMAC Publishing, Solutions For Life Institute) or any of it's employees does not sell, promote, advertise nor endorse any weight loss companies, MLM's, products or services.


Peace Place, LLC and any of it's divisions (TRACYMAC Coaching Services, TRACYMAC Publishing, Solutions For Life Institute) or any of it's employees are not responsible or liable for any advice, course of treatment, or any other information, services or products that you obtain through this site, reading materials, trainings, workshops, sessions, classes or speeches. You are encouraged to consult with your doctor, nutritionist, healthcare provider or mental health practitioner with regard to this information contained on or through this website, reading materials, workshops, classes, sessions or speeches. After reading books, blogs, articles, attending a training, workshop, session, class or speech, you are encouraged to review the information carefully with your professional physical or mental healthcare provider.




I Tracy McNeil (Provider), am not a doctor, nutritionist, psychologist or licensed therapist. I am a professional life coach and teacher, certified in life coaching, master life strategy and workplace conflict resolution. The information I provide is based on my own personal experiences and healthier habits, which have resulted in better health, weight loss and overall quality of life, for me. Any recommendations I make about exercise, nutrition or lifestyle changes should be discussed between you and your doctor because working out and dietary changes may involve risks.

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