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BWWP Guest Important Information Instructions

REMINDER: Please ensure to attach your professional headshot (JPEG. 300+ dpi) and your business logo (PNG.(300+dpi) to the information form to be received along with this completed form. 


AWARENESS: **By responding to this questionnaire you give Peace Please, LLC d/b/a TRACYMAC Solutions for Life Institute - Coaching & Training permission to use this information on Black Women's World Podcast and all subsidiaries of Peace Place, LLC's websites, social media platforms and pages, digital advertisements and printed promotional materials.


Once we receive your responses, we will contact you within three business days.  


Guest Instructions: Follow this guide and this interview will be easy-peazy.


Once you have completed and returned this form. You will be issued a custom BWWP secure link to login to your recording session. 


The interview will be an enjoyable and very organic conversation. We want our SistaNistas and SistaNista Lovers to get to know all about who you are. Please make us aware in advance if there are any questions or subject matters that are off limits, as well as, if there is a specific topic you'd like for us to incorporate into your interview along with promoting your company, service(s) or product(s). 


It is my intention for our conversation to be organic. Be prepared for an exciting discussion and if you are promoting a book, product, service, or event please be prepared to answer the following questions. Please provide any specific questions you would like for TracyMac to ask you at least 24 hours prior to our time. 


  • What was your aspiration for becoming involved in your profession?

  • How did you get started?

  • What was key for you in making your work, book, or event go from dream/vision to reality?

  • Why this subject?

  • Who is it catered to?

  • What benefits should they expect to receive by reading?

  • How can they get the book?


REMINDER: Before the recording - Make sure you have the following:


  • A laptop or desktop with a webcam and mic.

  • A recent version of Chrome or Firefox.

  • A strong internet connection. Just like Skype, you must have a strong internet connection for it to work well. If possible, connect to your router with an ethernet cable or ensure you have a strong WiFi connection.

  • Close all other tabs and programs to prevent buffering and glitches

  • Please make sure you are in a quiet space without distractions, in a well-lit area with an appropriate background.

  • We recommend but don't require wearing earbuds or headphones to prevent audio echoes.


If you don’t have a laptop or desktop, then you can join on your phone. But the experience is usually best on a laptop/desktop. On Android, we recommend the Chrome browser. On iOS, you must use Safari.


If you're on iOS 14.2, we recommend updating your device before joining. iOS 14.2 has some issues with audio stuttering.


REMINDER: Joining the recording


When the time comes, follow these steps to enter the recording studio:


  • Use your custom secure link and arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time.

  • The host will be informed that you’ve arrived.

  • Allow the secure link platform to access your camera and mic.

  • Make sure you have the correct camera and mic selected. (Feel free to use the testing options.)

  • The host will give you access. 

  • Enter a display name. Use your actual name or the name of your brand. 

  • There will be a brief, preliminary conversation to allow initial familiarity to enhance flow before the recording starts,

  • Remember, I am excited you desire to be with me!

  • Our international audience of SistaNistas and SistNista Lovers want to hear what you have to say.

  • Let's have fun talking about all of the goodness you're sharing with the world, our Black Women's World!

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