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Blindsided with Trice Hickman

Blindsided with Trice Hickman

It's SistaNista Time! Multiple award-winning and bestselling author several times over, Trice Hickman, graces the BWWP VIP seat to tell us all about edgy, sexy, page-turning book, “Blindsided”! Bernadette, Tess, and Arizona face the biggest challenges of their lives along with unexpected complications. These three best friends must rely more than ever on their sisterhood bond. . . They are not alone. . . Trice and host TracyMac share some of their personal, real-world experiences that left them feeling blindsided. You’ll be eavesdropping on two longtime sister-friends’ intimate conversation ranging from divorce to sexual dysfunction, infertility, authorship, career, money or mental and physical health issues and beyond. Life happens and we’ve all been blindsided. Win your free autograph copy of “Blindsided”! Listen to this episode for the rules and email your response to . . Order “Blindsided” and other books by Trice Hickman - Trice Hickman - - Private book clubs . . Experience TracyMac’s transformational life coaching, consulting and training services at TRACYMAC Solutions for Life Institute. Black Women's World Podcast: . . Be on the show: If you’d like to be our guest, know of incredible SistaNista you’d like to see featured, or a would like to submit a show topic email us: . . TracyMac and her resident co-hosts, Jovonne and Deanna offer hope, help and solutions for our #SistaNista Queendom. If you'd like to see the videocast of this episode, check it out TRACYMAC BWWP podcast . . Lashes & Lipstick Lounge w/ Deanna Hamilton – A health journey support group for women - . . Website - . . Instagram - blackwomensworld_podcast . . Facebook - Black Women's World w/ TracyMac - . . TracyMac's 3 Amazon Bestselling Books - . . Theme music "Laid Back" by Creative Son Media, LLC . . "Blindsided" 11/21/2021 © ~ All rights reserved © 2021 TRACYMAC™ Publishing.
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